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The University Teachers Association of Ghana  (UTAG)  Threatened.

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The University Teachers Association of Ghana  (UTAG)  Threatened to Undergo Second Phase of Strike.



The University Teachers Association of Ghana popularly known as UTAG has warned to embark on another phase of their just ended strike on a condition that, Government is feeling reluctant and hesitant to address their needs and grievances  as early as possible.


In an interview with the president of University Teachers Association of Ghana, UCC UTAG Chapter, Dr. Samuel Boadi Kusi said they called off their maiden strike in March solely because government established a legalized contract that, their book and research allowance would duly be paid by September, 2022.


Unfortunately, government has breached the contract since no attempt has been made regarding to the payment of this allowance. This signifies that, government has roundly refused to honour his promise, meanwhile, no sign of notification has been shown by government to this effect.



He stretched on the fact that, they had several engagements with various prominent stakeholders of the country to this effect. They met all the necessary and authorized personalities whom by law needs to be met before essential strike is carried out.


UTAG in a meeting with stake he olders


Per the engagement, they had finally given government one week grace period to make payment of all those monies they are entitled to, before they carry out with their second phase of strike which will be worser than the previous one that transpired from January to March this year.


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They seemingly believed that, government is adamant about their grievances. Looking at the current state of our economy, do you think government can honour this promise given to all the university teachers in Ghana? If no! can the country withstand the second stage of strike been promised by UTAG? What is your opinion over this? Give your comments to this effect.

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