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Video of The Matron of Holy Child

Video of The Matron of Holy Child Training College in Sekondi Takoradi with Stollen Food Staffs provided by government for the school.

The matron of Holy child Training College in Sekondi Takoradi was caught yesterday  with stollen food items provided by government to Feed the students.


According to source, this criminal behaviour of the matron in question keep repeating itself rampantly. She is never hesitant of quiting this abnormal event.


She started stealing the food items for long. She is so secretive that, it is always difficult to get hold of her.

The Assistant matron and the cooks of the school are aware of this behaviour but lack concrete evidence, which always make it difficult for them to vomit it out.


Video of The Matron of Holy Child

Unfortunately, The school authorities are not aware of her behaviour. According to one cook of the school, due to the matron’s superiority over the rest of the stuff working in the kitchen, they are forced to keep mute since she has great influence.

The cook reported that, she normal pack the foods items late in the night with her own car, making it almost impossible to be caught. This cook whose name is with held due reasons best known to her said, we always come to meet drastic reduction of the food items.


We find it difficult to understand, to the extend that, it has created some mistrust between the cooks in the school. I started suspecting the matron when i once forgot of my keys in the school and was going back to the school for it. We coincidentally met but she quickly drove away as if she did not see Me. I say some bags of rice, maize and other items in the car.

Video of The Matron of Holy Child

When i got to the kitchen, i realized four bags of rice, four bags of maize, a bag of sugar and two galloons of cooking oils were missing. In order to protect my reputation, I quickly called the police to monitor her car well over this current incident.

According to the police When she got to the police check point, She hurriedly forced to move faster than usual as she used to do since they know her and never suspected that, she can do such a thing. The police quickly stoped her and started checking inside the car. It was miserable incident said the police.

She is currently in police custody for further investigations.


We blame the government after doing all sort of ills. We are all part of the problem. Until we change our attitudes, an angel rulling us will still not be able to develop our country. Lets all prepare for the ruff.

Video of The Matron of Holy Child

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