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Video Standardized Test to be Organized by Municipal GES.

Standardized test. Picture of students

Video: Standardized Test to be Organized by Municipal Ghana Education Service for Primary Pupils.



The Municipal Directorate of GES in Ho together with Municipal Parents Conference had laid down the foundation for the organization of National Standardized Test for Basic: Two, Four and Six pupil in this month.



They believed this measure will escalate the improvement of the bouyancy of the students academic performance against the main National Standardized Test.


Mr. Godwin, The Municipal Director of a education, made it known to the public that, during the last years National Standardized Test, the Volta Region had 14th position out of the 16 Regions in the country.


In lined with what transpired in the National Standardized Test last year, they took the bull by its horns at this time and instituted a specialized Association mainly to discharge its duties in accordance with the quality preparation of students towards the National Standardized Test competition.



To him, this year is an action year, it is time we put laziness to bed and work harder beyond our comfort zone to help these young-stairs win the battle ahead of them to raise the reputation of our region, He added.


since ” a stitch in time saves nine, it demands early and effective preparation against December.
He established the fact on the slow nature of their contestants last year. They could not finish shading all the answers within time.


The miniature shading they did was also of low efficacy and inappropriate . This significantly led to their woeful performance. Not withstanding this, where there is determination, failure can never dismantle the flag of success. There is strong hope that, this years performance will be so grievous and extraordinarily outstanding, he added.


However, the Director hurtful raised the issue of poor academic performance in the Municipality. He said, 2021 BECE results analysed, depicts that, six schools in the Municipality scored zero percent.


He encouraged parents to limitlessly motivate teachers for them to honour their obligations substantially with much more enthusiasm.


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The Director stretched on the appalling indiscipline attitudes transmitted by students. This is a contributing factor towards their problematic academic performance, so he said.


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