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Abortion in Ghana  is so alarming that, it demands public intervention.

Abortion in Ghana  is so alarming that, it demands public intervention.

Ghana has liberal abortion laws; nobody is prosecuted for having an abortion, and abortion providers are able to operate freely, as long as they adhere to the requirements of qualified health professionals and meet the minimum standards. Abortion in Ghana is about the third top in west Africa during the current census.


There is however still a lot of stigma, mainly due to the country’s religious background. Both surgical and medical abortions are available at government-approved facilities.


Is abortion legal in Ghana?
Abortion in Ghana is legal under the following circumstances: rape, incest, fetal abnormality or disease, “defilement of a female idiot,” or to protect the physical and/or mental health of the woman


What types of abortion are available in Ghana?
Both medical and in-clinic abortions are available in Ghana.

Abortion in Ghana 

What is the abortion rate in Ghana? How many women have abortions?
The national abortion rate is 44 abortions per every 1,000 women


Frankly speaking, illegal abortion today is popular like buying water on the street. It seems authorities are totally adamant about the practice and its consequences.


According to the media, many as 500 women, currently has passed through illegal abortion and at lest five of them die through the act.


Not withstanding the tread it poses or brings to the life of the victim, innocent babies are killed during this barbaric act. What a shock? Ladies nowadays fears pregnancy than STDs.

Abortion in Ghana 

This is the time we must critically observe this. The rate at which HIV is spreading is out of control and if care is not taken, the active sex group is under serious danger.


This can lead to stigmatization and inferiority complex among others. The illegal drugs they use such as cytotec may post future danger to the  health of the mother and the society as large. That’s why, barrenness, ectopic pregnancy and spontanuous abortion is on highly increase.

Help save mother Ghana.



Strict roles should be putting in place to reduce the situation to a reasonable level.


The most unfortunate thing is that, such girls grow up and are row seriously searching of childing but not getting. At this time, prayer camps and mosques are their last stop. Sister, always know that, law of kama as well as natural laws are at work. What you do today, you shall reap tomorrow.


Abortion in Ghana 

Parents, religious leaders, teachers and all stake holders must work collaboratively against this social canker constantly militating against the proper growth and development of our sisters, daughters and the like. Know that, he who throws stones at others, calls for rocks in return.

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Abortion in Ghana 

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