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Breast Cancer Identification at the initial stage gives sign of hope

Breast cancer identification. A picture of a woman holding the breast for cancer identification

Breast Cancer Identification at the initial stage gives Hope of Survival and the prevention of subsequent Breast lost. 



October is a month of breast cancer sensitization across the globe. Can you withstand to loss your breast or the breast of your beloved one? The trauma and agony accompanied by this calamitous abnormal duplication of cells is extremely disgusting and daunting.


Breast cancer identification at the initial stage gives more room for systematic approach and possibly vivid diagnoses which can go a long way to save the victim’s life.



Breast cancer is real and can affect any one despite your gender or race. Even though, breast cancer affect men, the parameter is very low. It is highly affected by women since they have well developed breast than their counterpart men.



At the initial stage of breast cancer development, a Lamb-liked carcinogen is detected when the breast is massaged carefully with passion.


Men are therefore encouraged to hold the bull by the horn in an attempt t

o serve as a weapon for detecting potential breast cancers in their spouses breast. This technical but effective strategy to  ideally help identify breast cancer during its harmless stage of development before it undergoes through moulting.



Breast Cancer Identification

With an attempt to reduce the number and consistency of breast cancer cases and death rate recorded in the country annually, the month of October was set aside to render mass education to the public and to address any misconception regarding to breast cancer.


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The  Director for Allied Health at the Ministry of Health, made a pronouncement during this year’s breast cancer awareness campaign which took place at Accra that, breast cancer must be of a paramount concern every citizen because it is deadly and seriously incriminate lives.


He added that, “It is an open secret that men are the second highest category of persons who handle the breast and, therefore, empowering them is a powerful weapon in the global fight against breast cancer”


He said the campaign was not in any way to scare the public but to educate them on the importance of taking Breast Cancer Awareness serious.

Breast Cancer  Identification


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