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Teacher Unions To Stand Against Ghana Education Service to Safeguard the Rights of Teachers.

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Teacher Unions To Stand Against Ghana Education Service to Safeguard the Rights of Teachers.



Teacher Unions to Stand Against some GES staffs using authority as a yardstick to incriminate teachers.
During The host of GNAT hour on Angel FM, Owusu Amost, was forced to let the cat out of the bar about the misfortunes and constant inconsistencies and persistence of instability in Our educational system.


During the show, Mr Magoha who was the out going District mouth piece of GNAT, pinpointed some serious loop holes in the sector to Mr. Machogu who has newly taken over from Mr. Magoha.


Mr. Magoha explained that, more emphasis should be placed on advancement of monitoring aid and assessment to ensure effective delivery of the core mandates of the curriculum.



Teacher Unions 

Magoha advised that, in an attempt to sober GES staffs who will use power to castrate teachers, you  have to call a spade “a spade” and do not forgo your vibrant policies and strategies to help raise teachers and educational system to the next level.


Do not feel reluctant to engage in political talks to bring out the truth, even if it will cause your dismisal. The sector is delicate mirage-like atmosphere. Remain dedicated and sincere to the framework of uplifting the standards of teachers and remain goal oriented.

Teacher unions picture of their logos

.Magoha added that, teachers welfare seeking is the ultimate goal. You should not be authoritative towards teachers but kneel against them to fix out hidden educational issues or challenges in the country.



Teacher Unions 

Your work is help government achieve educational goal in the positive direction and not to be politically bias, he added.


One GNAT officer stated vividly that, teacher promotion and salary issues are one of the neglected areas by the teacher unions.
He said GES is treating teachers inappropriately by neglecting their dates of entry in to the seevice as teacher promotion is concerned. For Instance, one qualified for promotion this year may be denied the opportunity. Another person who is yet to meet promotion may be called and promoted bridging the gap of free and fairness in the system.

He also emphasized on arrears payment. Teachers may work approximately a year but will later be paid for only three months salary. This has been a greater challenge which we believed has  escaped the attention of teacher unions.



Teacher Unions 

At first teachers promoted to a new rank is entitled to two years back pay with their salary inclusive. This policy was empowering most teachers to do more to achieve their needs. Currently speaking, this opportunity is only benefited by the politically inclined teachers in the teaching system to the neglection of the mass.

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Not withstanding that, another barbaric and archaic treatment given to teachers is about the implementation of the three months pay policy to teachers who worked for thirty-six months without  salaries during party ‘A’ administration. Meanwhile politicians in a similar situation will be paid fully in addition to three months back payment which creates betrayal in the sector.


He added that, the ideology of using substantive and notional dates as a as mechanism of promoting teachers is unfair and should be tackled sooner than later by the teacher unions.

Mr. Machogu promised to call GES on board too find a lasting solution to all the challenges stated, he promised.

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