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Effect of salt on body organs

Effect of salt on body organs

Effect of salt on body organs: Salt has a lot of benefits to the body and the environment. Salt helps to build strong muscles, improving nerve functioning and maintaining fluid balance in the body.

Salt is used in laboratories for different purposes. It’s also used in soap making and food preservation. Salt adds great taste to our foods.

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It’s very difficult to enjoy a meal which does not contain salt. Due to the taste salt adds to our diet, people end up abusing it. They take more than the daily recommendation./ Effect of salt on body organs

According to the American Heart Association, the body needs about 2300 grams of salt daily. Consuming anything more than this daily can have a negative effect on your body organs.

The organs of the  body perform numerous functions. Some are

1. Regulating the body’s temperature

2. Controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

3. Eliminating waste products from the body

4. Detoxifying fats

5. Maintaining fluid balance in the body

6. Supplying oxygen to the entire body.

7. Removing poisonous substances from the body

8. Maintaining blood pressure levels

9. Controlling balance

10. Controlling emotions, thoughts.

Some Effect of salt on body organs

All the organs in the body perform peculiar functions. Losing any body organ or damage to any body organ can be detrimental.

Consuming excess salt can cause damage to some important body organs.

1. Many people think consuming excess salt can only affect your blood pressure. Hence, they consume excess salt and their blood pressure readings are always normal, meaning they can still go ahead consuming it in excess. It may cause damage to other body organs that you are not aware of. / Effect of salt on body organs

2. Consuming excess salt can affect your heart, kidneys, brain and blood vessels.

3. Excess salt consumption can cause stiffness of blood vessels, minimizing the work of the lining of the blood vessels.

4. The lining of the blood vessel is called endothelium. The endothelium contains cells called endometrial cells.

5. The endothelial cells aid in blood clotting, transport of substances throughout the body and filtration of body fluids./ Effect of salt on body organs

6. Excess salt intake also enlarges the heart muscles of the atrium, which’s the heart’s main pumping chamber. This affects heart function and can eventually lead to heart disease.

7. Excessive salt intake raises urinary protein, which increases your risk of kidney disease and kidney stones.

8. Excessive salt consumption can cause cognitive impairment.

Consume sodium in moderate and preserve your body organs.

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