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Examiners Organized Orientation for-BECE Candidates.

Examiners organized orientation for-BECC candidates. Student at arientation picture

Examiners Organized Orientation for-BECE Candidates During The  Teachers Day.


Examiners Organized Orientation Section for-BECE Candidates spelling out the critical strategies and mechanisms to adopt to excel in an external Examinations.


This orientation section set off at Tema Miracle Preparatory School today to initiate the celebration of teachers day.
The school called for representatives from WAEC who are well versed in examination matters to let the skeleton out of the bar about the hidden secrets and consequences of certain actions in the external examination.


Critical key issues discussed:

1. Over Answering of questions. They Clearified that, it is untrue that, your paper will be canceled when you over answer questions. For example, instances whereby you are asked to answer four questions and you deem it necessary to answer five questions. This does not carry any penalization.


Examiners Organized Orientation

All the five questions answered will be marked and the best four will be selected for scoring. This optionally means, Students can answer more than the questions they are asked to answer especial if a student becomes uncertain about the quality of the answers  to the answered questions.


Students are advised to be care not to beaten by time when over answering of questions. Neither penalty nor credit is attracted in such acts.


Examiners organized orientation for-BECC candidates. Student at arientation picture

2. Students were advised not to jump over pages when answering questions. This is very serious because it calminates the power of failure. They over emphasized that, this act is very risky and can propel an extraordinary student to perform abysmally.




3. They added that, one dangerous act is the refusal of students to write index numbers and names correctly at their noted places on the answer booklet. This can lead to the cancelation of your paper.


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4. Sending of foreign materials into the examination hall. The examiners stated that, this conduct is very grievous that, it can lead to the cancelation of all your papers written so far and subsequently be banned from writing an external examinations for specific period of years especially when caught with phone, they overstretched.

Examiners Organized Orientation

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