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2022/2023 National Service Postings And Issues Arising.

2022/2023 National Service Postings.picture of service personels.

2022/2023 National Service Postings And Issues Arising.


2023/2024 National Service Postings has finally been taken into consideration as suggestions are made clear.


The Ashanti Regional Director of National Service Scheme Secretariat, Mr Opku Mensa made pronouncement that, the long awaiting National Service Postings has finally been given some signals pertaining its releaing date.


He admittedly said, these years National Service Postings was extended beyond the usual established date.



September is set aside for National Service commencement, but not withstanding this, Strike issues and covid 19 pandemic challenges have diplomatically affected the academic calendar hence the releasing date of the postings.

2022/2023 National Service Postings

2022/2023 National Service Postings.picture of service personels.

Mr. Opoku stated that, due to this years happenings, National Service Scheme Secretariat was maneuvering to concomitantly substitude September 1 with October 1 but was not workable in the sense that, some students had not completed their programmes of study yet at that time.



He lamented that, under no circumstance can the Scheme initiate this years service whiles others are in schools.


This measure incriminates and violates the orders of National Service Act of the 1992 constitution of Ghana, which hence the delay.



Not to keep the public in suspense, he categorically stated and vividly explained that, this week is set aside for releasing of the postings.
The postings are meant to be released specifically on ,7th October, 2022, Friday, he added.


He called all stakeholders to work collaborative to ensure proper service is given to the nation by the service persons.


2022/2023 National Service Postings


He said, at times, some national Service personnels neglect their work or duty to engage in other works during working hours. He advised that, such an act is a serious offense which is tentemant to   penalization or sanctions and to the worse extend imprisonment.

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He also advised against stigmatization which is often attached to service persons. Permanent workers should stop pinpointing at them as if they are  dunderheads or tabula rasters. They are meant to give their quota to the nation.

2022/2023 National Service Postings

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