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Malaria Transmitting Mosquito Genetically modified by Scientists.

Malaria transmitting mosquito genetically modified. Picture of mosquito

Malaria Transmitting Mosquito Genetically modified by Scientists as a tool to stop malaria spread.

Scientists have succeeded in their journey of making sure malaria transmitting mosquito genetically modified in Africa as a contributory mechanism to help curtail the spreading of malaria and its related deaths in Africa.


Malaria is a dominant disease in Africa. Malaria is affecting eighty seven countries around the globe, according to center for Disease Control.


Per the analysis, malaria infestation in malaria zonal countries in 2021 only was around 241 million. Out of this number, 627, 000 people died from the malaria infection and are mostly children below age five.


We are warned about how risky malaria infestation can be. It is life threatening hence, we must apply all the possible measures at our disposal to rule out the disease.


Malaria Transmitting Mosquito Genetically modified

The scientist said one of those measures is the newly developed technology.
The modification technology was published last month with the idea of combating malaria.

Malaria transmitting mosquito genetically modified. Picture of mosquito

Working with Africa Disease Control Unit, the team generated a genetically modified mosquitoes for their first tests.
The team collected the plasmodium parasites from locally infected school children, to make sure the modification is effective against the duplication of the parasite.


This is very relevant to help break the chain of infection, the team added.

Per their findings, there was drastic reduction of malaria spread in the lab settings. It was also proven to be save and even more effective in the real world settings.


Scientist started investigating into malaria and for that matter plasmodium for a long period of time. The team added that, the dynamic nature of the disease makes it combersome. The disease is gradually developing resistance against the coils, insecticides produced as well as the available malaria drugs at the market.


Malaria Transmitting Mosquito Genetically modified

Scientist investigated into the breeds of mosquitoes to find out which breed can develop immune respond against the parasite. This investigation finally landed them on this miraculous and beneficial developed strategy to combat malaria.
If this mechanism is established it means malaria can no more be transfered from one person to another when they administer the drug on you.


This helps break malaria chain and within some shortest possible time ,we can live malaria free lives, they added.

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The mechanism of the genetic modification causes mosquitoes to produce compounds in their guts that incriminate the growth of the plasmodium parasite. This means, they are not able to reach the mosquitoes salivary glands before the insect dies.

Malaria Transmitting Mosquito Genetically modified

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