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Ghana Most Beautiful, 2022 Winer and Video of winers from 2010 to Date.

Ghana most beautiful, 2022 winer.picture of the winer

Ghana Most Beautiful, 2022 Winer and Video of winers from 2010 to Date.


Ghana Most Beautiful, 2022 Winer has finally immerged. The long awaiting TV3 Ghana Most Beautiful (GMB) reality show has come to a successful end.



The competition was very though as it involved representatives from all the sixteen (16) Regions of Ghana. Luckily for Teiya Ayisha Dahamani, a representative from Northern Region, she consequently was crowned the over all winer of the 2022 Ghana Most Beautiful Reality Show.


This lady demonstrated an extraordinary and eloquent performance. However, success in this programme depends on alot of mimicking factors. The appointed judges for the programme employed a lot more sophisticated mechanisms for evaluating the performance of the contestant.


Ghana Most Beautiful, 2022 Winer

On the third week, Ayisha won the best costume award queenly which depicts that, her ambitions over the show was outstanding and extremely exceptional. Her maturity and skilful performance was very unique and consistent.



Besides, she won a very valuable awards two times consecutively after her verbal engagement with Queen Ruwaida on the importance and indelible marks left on Ghanaian young girls in the country by the GMB22.

Watch the second video below


She is 26 years of age and a representative of Northern Region. She is alumni of University for Developmental Studies. She is passionate in inculcating into the youngstairs positive and remarkable memories.


Teiya for been crowned as the over all winer of the competition took home a cash prize of Ghc10,000, one year supply of GTP fabric, an amount of Ghc20,000 medical insurance for health and other international trips to place like Dubai.


The Second winer of the competition was Aiko from Oti Region. She also performed marvelously and received a cash prize of Ghc8,000, six months supply of fabric from GTP, Ghc15,000 medical care insurance and paid trip benefits.

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the third position goes to Asiedua in the Central Region with different prizes presented to her.


Ghana Most Beautiful, 2022 Winer




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