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Government to Finally Employ Teachers, Over 4,500 By the End of Next Year.

Government to Finally Employ Teachers. Picture of a madam teaching students

Government to Finally Employ Teachers, Over 4,500 By the End of Next Year.


Government to finally employ teachers to fill the hugely created vacuum in our schools to restore and arrest the drastic reduction of human labour.


A good news to unemployed graduates as government had spat out his intended interest to curtail the nothingness left before them from graduation till this day. The battle ends now!

The government made this known during the read out of the last Fridays budget. He said, even though the number to be employed is less, it will help lubricate the system to reduce the friction created as a result of gallant reduction of human labour.


The Government added that, he is going to intensify and upgrade teachers who are currently employed to feel as home. Necessary funding would be made available for schools to establish consistency and adequacy in their mode of delivery.


Government to Finally Employ Teachers

He hastened and added that, the office will institute the construction of 56 basic schools to abreast the the fast population increase in the basic level. He promised to ultimately complete the construction of 115 Senior High Schools under construction by the end of the above mentioned period.


Morally speaking, these projects were abandon by the out-gone president. All zambians must enjoy the quality of my government to its fullest without any set back or segregation.

Technically speaking, we are to peep through the educational framework of the country to identify and restore all hidden obstacles calminating against development,  so as to deliver effectively within the hemisphere of the sector without abnormalities or deformations.



A statement made to Lusaka times connotes thats, all the 70, 000 member associations instituted will endorse this pragmatics decision as it will not only reduce unemployment rate but also help bridge the porosity gap of student to teacher ratio thereby halting the struggles at recent times.


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The New Dawn Government employed 30,000 into the section as promised in their campaign. Mr Musonda stated that,
” Allow me to express my endless gratitude to New Down Government for your restless effort to ensure sustainable development in the country, added the minister.

Government to Finally Employ Teachers

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