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Marital Problem Leads Mental Health Issue Among Women in Bono Region

Marital Problem Leads Mental Health Issue Among Women in Bono Region


According to the Regional Coordinator of Mental Health in Bono Region, the leading rise of marital problems in Bono Region is a contributing factor to the high increase of Mental Health cases Among Women in the Region.



Mr. Joseph Yere, the Bono Regional Coordinator said, couple are to endure and persevere to find appropriate and concise mechanisms to neutralize internal stress, strains and challenges that may coincidentally emanate from marriage.



He lamented on it that, families should limitlessly and as a matter of urgency propagate the spirit of togetherness thereby singling out members with mental health issues to asses medical care amicable to prevent exacerbation f the issue.



He was making these comments during an interview with Ghana Media Agency on Monday, 10th October, 2022 to commemurate 2022 World Mental Health Day.


Marital Problem Leads Mental Health

He metaphorically said, people should debunk the archaic ideology that, mental health issues are linked to witchcraft. He said, when identified earlier followed by immediate diagnoses and treatment section, it can be curbed.


Mental Health Day, which always fall on 10 October every year, is instituted by World Health Organization (WHO) to mark the global celebration of the day to draw attention to mental health issues and its consequences on lives.



The day is celebrated on the Theme “Make Mental Health and Well-being a Global Priority for all”. The aim is to creat awareness about mental Health issues and implement or employ vital strategies to provide assistance to those already victimized.


It is also the day that, Mental Health Workers in this jurisdiction or dichotomy to give sensitization on the practical application of measures to maintain and sustain mental health of individuals.



Marital Problem Leads Mental Health

Mr. Yere stated some of the dominant causes of mental health issues in the Region. These includes: depression, alcoholism and drug or substance abuse in the reegion. Despite all these, schizophrenia and epilepsy remains the leading cause of the social canker world wide, he added.


He also lamented on the fact that, from January to June this year, the region recorded and attended about 405 and 523 cases of epilepsy and schizophrenia respectively. He announced that, severe malaria in children and the usage of concoctions contribute to epilepsy and schizophrenia.


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People with the above mentioned issue can easily loose their sanity when failed to take their drugs. He advice parents and guardian to expose children with mental disorders for treatment rather than to hide them.


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Marital Problem Leads Mental Health

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