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GNAT is Calling for Security Protection for Over 4, 000 Teachers.

GNAT is Calling for Security Protection for Over 4, 000 Teachers Risking their lives.

Ghana National Association of Teachers of Upper East branch is seriously calling for Security protection for teachers risking their lives in and around the four corners of Bawku to enable them carry out their duties. GNAT is calling for security protection.


GNAT had mentioned that, teachers in Bwaku should be protected by Security personnels especially teachers who are teaching in schools in the heart of the town.


This became necessary after two teachers were shot to death following the disturbances or conflict. GNAT suggested that, since it is not possible to close the schools in Bawku, it is wise for government to engage security forces to safeguard the security needs of teachers in the community. GNAT is Calling for Security Protection

GNAT is Calling for Security Protection

The Regional Chairperson to GNAT Ivy Naaso spoked about this misfortune arrangement when She was granted an interview with 3FM’s Sunrise on Wednesday hosted by Mr. Alfred. She was updating sunrise categorically on whether or not teachers have neglected their mandatory services to the state following Bwaku’s current situation or riot.


This incident is very fearful. On  19th September 2022, two teachers were killed during operation shoot and kill battle. These industruous and innocent teachers were on their way to school when they met their untimely death. A bullet from no where hit them to death. This has created fear and panic in the surviving teachers in the town.


Afterwards Ghana National Association of Teachers ( GNAT) and National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) deem it paramount to halt teaching in the community to protect our teachers.

GNAT is Calling for Security Protection

As a matter of necessity, the teachers are calling for government intervention. They stated that, in this case it is prudent that, teachers in Bwaku are compensated since they are serving as front line workers.


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Government should should try to motivate them in its own way. Majority of the teachers are planning of transfer, she added.  If care is not taken we may loose most of the teachers in Bwaku to other neighbouring schools outside Bwaku. This is also going to creat problem for the government.

GNAT is Calling for Security Protection

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