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BreastFeeding Has 98% Efficacy of Birth Control According to Nutritionist

BreastFeeding Has 98% Efficacy of Birth Control According to Nutritionist


Nutritionist, Charles Densu of 37 military hospital made mentioned that, Exclusive breastfeeding has ninety-eight percent tendency of controlling birth or preventing fertilization and pregnancy.


He made this known during the Launch of Regional Breastfeeding week on the theme ‘ Step Up For Breastfeeding – Educate and Support’.

He explained that, breastfeeding releases excessive hormones to regulate the production and release of breastmilk and intends suppresses the hormones of the menstrual cycle to prevent pregnancy


Dr. Densu said, lactating mothers who may desire to use natural method for spacing their child birth should adopt effective exclusive breast feeding method. It is more healthier than artificial methods of family planning or birth control yet very effective; he exclaimed!

He added that, breast milk is key to childs health. It is very nutritious than any form of complementary feeding. He advised mothers to breastfeed their children directly from the nipples than to comprise the breast milk. He cautioned that, you should only comprise your breast milk only when critically necessary. Even that, extra care must be taken to avoid contamination.


The extraction of milk is healthy but the efficacy of the sterilization method to adopt is the bone of contemption.
Mothers should be taught of how to extract a more healthier milk under serious circumstances.
He also hammered on the importance of exclusive breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding your child exclusively for the first six month without water or food builds the child’s immune system and also contribute to intellectual development of the child. Children who are feed exclusively for six month develop immune systems that aid in combacting against the six childhood killer diseases natural, he added.

He also said, breast feeding saves time and energy and also less expensive as compared to complementary feeding.
He therefore encouraged lactating mothers and potential mothers to seriously stick to exclusive breastfeeding.

Dr. Sarpong, the Acting Central Regional Director for Health also advised mothers against unhygienic breastmilk compression. He said, children under age five are highly susceptible to diseases and death hence needed all the necessary benefits from breastmilk to enhance their chances of survival

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He clearly elaborated that, the importance of breastmilk is limitless, so denying your child of it is a great punishment to him or her.


Available data has it that, exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months in Ghana had significant dropped to 43 percent last year from 63 percent. This is a bad warning indicating that most mothers were not breastfeeding in resent times exclusively.


Whiles some recalcitrant mothers introduce their babies to water and porridge within the first six months after delivery with the claims that breastmilk did not satisfy them, some resorted to artificial milk products; he exclaimed!

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