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Woman aged 22, gang-Raped by Six men infront of husband

Woman aged 22, gang-Raped by Six men infront of husband.


This woman whose name was withheld had a minor misunderstanding with her inlaws. Out of annoyance, she was trying to escape this tribulation and maltreatment and unfortunately landed in the hands of be rapist.Woman aged 22, gang-Raped.


This incident happened yesterday at Jonathan’s Junction in Jomoro district of Western Region of Ghana.
According to the husband, there exist consistent misunderstanding between his wife and his brothers.

He made several attempt to settle the dispute amicably for peace to prevailed but all his efforts fell on death ears. Yesterday as usual, there was a little misunderstanding, the woman was too irritated and devastated hence planned to go to her fathers house in order to be free from the trauma and agony she was battling with.

Woman aged 22, gang-Raped

She wanted to foot to her fathers house but it was too late since the time was 8:00pm. To safeguard her security, her inlaws insisted that, her husband, brother Kaku and inlaw, Yanzu to drive her home on a motorcycle .



On their way to her father’s house, they got to a place which was very rocky and hilly; so they had to slow down.


Surprisingly, six unidentified young men rush out from the bush, kicked off the husband and his brother down and started beating them inhumanly. They snatched their mobile phones and the little money with them.

Woman aged 22, gang-Raped

The husband in his statement to the police, vividly narrated that they were massively floored. When they became helpless, to the surprise of the husband, they pull his wife away to a nearby hill and took turns and raped her vigorously and continuously for four solid hours, the husband added.


The husband was seriously wounded while his brother was in the state of unconsciousness. The police is still doing its underground investigations.

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