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Teachers should be aided to rectify challenges of new education curriculum in Ghana

Teachers should be aided to rectify challenges of new education curriculum in Ghana


Ghana National Association of teachers together with prominent educationalist deem it necessary to let the cat out of the bar about the problematic nature of the new educational curriculum implementation. Teachers should be aided to normalize all abnormalities to help deliver so effectively.


The formal principal of St. John Bosco College of Education in Navrongo minicipality at Upper East Region of Ghana, by name Alfred Ndago lamented on this.


He emphatically stated that teachers need to be supported wholeheartedly in order eradicate the implementation challenges of the just introduced curriculum. This will bring quality and effectiveness in teaching and learning.


He hastened and added that, even though, there is no reasonable doubt that, there should be a positive and well elaborated transformation in our educational system to help students abreast and fit well into the job market but this happened so quickly that, there was no adequate preparation made by teachers to upgrade themselves to fully adapt to the new curriculum.

Teachers should be aided

He made these recommendations when granted an interview with Ghana News Agency at Bolgatanga. He mentioned that, fulfilling educational need is very critical and crucial hence, it should be handled in a manner that shows maturity and professionalism. It is necessary that change should emanate from our basic schools and senior secondary schools first to help build the momentum into the tertiary level, so he said.

Mr. Ndago said to he upgrading of teacher train ok ng colleges into universities is in the right direction but assistance needs to be given to the teachers so as they can adjust appropriately to the change without daunting.

Teachers should be aided

He said, a teacher in a study leave used to be replace by National Service person with an outstanding cognitive and pedagogical skills in his or her specialized field of study before the transition took place.


currently, in the case of colleges, there is no more correlation between National Service person and teaching in the college unless the person has at least masters degree.


Many teachers from the various colleges of education across the country are forcefully undertaking courses in the universities to aid them upgrade successful to meet the demands of the new transformation. This particularly, has brought about tension and disruption in teaching and learning in the colleges.


Mr. Moses A tutor at Gbewaa College of Education in the Upper East Region highlighted on the the fact that the upgrading of teachers has created a vacuum in the classroom. Academic excellence is highly retrogressive now.

Teachers should be aided

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He believed that, the new curriculum is a good thing since it will aid in producing students who are well versed and adaptable under any circumstances to puss mother Ghana forward if only the core mandates of theĀ  curriculum are achieved.

It is not hesitant to believed that, the implementation of every new policy is so hurtic but as time passes by, things may turn to normalization.

He believed this system of change will improve on the communication abilities of the students so as to communicate fluently and clearly.

Teachers should be aided

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