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Special science mock questions and answers episode 9


Special science mock questions and answers


Pass your science with ease! Solve more questions 


Section A

Answer all questions in this section

1.a. The diagrams below show two different methods of separation of mixtures. Study the diagrams carefully and answer the questions that follow

I. Name and explain the separation methods labeled A and B above

Ii. Identify the apparatus labeled I, II, III, IV V and VI

III. State the use of each of the apparatus labeled I, II and IV

IV. Explain the role of heat in one of the separation methods above


I. A- distillation

It is a separation method used to separate two liquid substances with different boiling water and alcohol


It is a method used to obtain a pure solvent from a solid- liquid mixture. eg. Salt and water mixture ( sea water)

B- filtration

It is a method used to separate insoluble solid particles from liquids using filter paper eg. Separating muddy water.


Ii. Identification of labeled parts

I- Bunsen burner

II- condenser

III- beaker

IV- filter paper

V- Funnel.

VI- volumetric flask

III. Uses of labeled parts.

Bunsen burner- to heat up liquid mixture in volumetric flask during distillation

Condenser_ it is used to to change vapour into liquids 

Filter paper- it is used to separate fine solid particles from liquids.

IV. The role of heat in distillation

During distillation, the mixture is first heated and the resulting vapour passes through a condenser. The condenser then cools down the vapour into liquids leaving behind the solid substance in the volumetric flask.

Special science mock questions and answers

b. In an experiment to demonstrate photosynthesis, the set-up below was allowed to stand still for two days.

Study the setup carefully and answer the questions that follow

I. Give four reasons why photosynthesis will occur in the setup above

Ii. What is the role of sunlight in the process above.

III. State four steps to test for the main product of photosynthesis

IV. Name the by- product of photosynthesis and show how it is tested.


I. Reasons photosynthesis would occur in the setup

_presence of water

_presence of sunlight

_availability of carbon dioxide

_presence of chlorophyll in green leaves

Ii. Role of sunlight in Photosynthesis

Plans use the energy of the sun to change water and carbon dioxide into sugar or glocuse.

III. Steps for testing for the product of photosynthesis ( starch)

1. the leaf is placed in boiling water to kill all the cells and to stop all chemical reactions.

2. The leaf is placed in alcohol and heated to remove the chlorophyll.

3. Wash the leaf in a cold water to soften the leaf.

4. A few drops of iodine solution is added to the leaf. The leaf 🌿 will turn blue-black indicating the presence of starch.

IV. The by-product of photosynthesis


How oxygen is tested

Oxygen can be tested by using glowing splint. The glowing splint is placed in the sample of the gas, if the gas ignites (relight) then it is oxygen.


Special science mock questions and answers

c. A lever is used to crush a can as illustrated in the diagram below

Study it carefully and answer the questions that follow

I. What type of lever is shown in the diagram above?.

Ii. Explain why the lever belongs to the class stated in (I) above

III. If the input arm is 60cm to pivot, find the mechanical advantage


How can you fail science? It is not possible


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I.  Type of lever

Second class lever

Ii. Why the lever belongs to second class

This is because the load is between the pivot and the effort.

III. Calculation of mechanical advantage

Load distance= 20cm

Effort distance= 60cm

Mechanical advantage= effort distance ÷ load distance

= 60/20

= 3

d. The diagrams below are illustrations of crop pests.

Study them carefully and answer the questions that follow

I. Identify the crop pests I and II

Ii. Give two examples of crops attached by each of the pest I and II

III. State two methods of controlling pest I.

IV. State two methods of controlling pest II.


Special science mock questions and answers

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I. Naming of crop pests

I- weevil.

II. Mouse/rat.

Ii. Crops attacked by weevil

– rice.

– Millet.

– wheat.

– maize.

– beans

Mouse/rat and crops it attack.

– cassava

_ maize

_ yam.

– groundnut

Iii. Methods of controlling weevil

– spraying of chemicals such as pesticide on the harvested crops

– hand picking

IV. Methods of controlling mouse/rat

– using cats and dogs

– setting traps in the farm.

– Using rodents to kill them.

– weeding the farm regularly.

Special science mock questions and answers


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