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WAEC Timeline For Marking and Releasing of WASSCE Results and Major Issues Arising!

Waec timeline for marking. Picture of waec logo

WAEC Timeline For Marking and Releasing of WASSCE Results and Major Issues Arising!





WAEC Timeline For Marking and Releasing of 2022 WASSCE Results is crucial for adequate planning and subsequent adjustment to be done appropriately towards the current happenings around the circumference of our educational system in Ghana.




Information reaching educational healthy news is that, west African Examination Council has already given out messages, inviting the various Examiners responsible for marking the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination for an inclusive Coodination Meetings and Conference Marking Exercises.





The Coodination Meetings and Conference Marking exercises was scheduled to take place from Tuesday, 25th October, 2022 to 8th November, 2022.



The commencement and the finalization of the whole exercise will be approximately fifteen days inclusive.



WAEC Timeline for Marking

There was a significant delay of the marking of this year’s WASSCE due to the change of the academic calendar as a results of Covid 19 pandemic challenges, Strike activities embarked on by teachers for approval of ‘Cola’ to break through the economic hardship as well as reverse of the semester system introduced into¬† Basic Schools.




Ideally, WASSCE marking could not take place because, majority of the examiners are the same people invigilating the Basic Education Certificate Examination. The attempt to mark the papers before the commencement of BECE will hugely bring about distraction both in the marking and invigilation exercises.




The quality expected in both cases will be nullified. This ironically means that, as BECE will be over on Friday, 21st October, 2022, pavement will be created for full concentration on the WASSCE marking to kick off on 25th of this month.




Per the whispering of the planning team of WAEC, after the closing of the WASSCE marking on 8th November, 2022, the results will be ready on their database starting from the first week of December. This is help students with awaiting forms to get the privilege to continue their education.



WAEC Timeline For Marking

Meanwhile, BECE marking will commence two weeks after the completion of the WASSCE marking. The same examiners are entitled to the marking of both external exams ( BECE and WASSCE).



You will be updated duly on the marking of BECE as at when we we become abreast with the information. Your suggestions are welcomed especially about the new Director General of Education. Do you he has what it takes to be Director General of Education??. Leave your comments at the comment section.

WAEC Timeline For Marking

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