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Effect of onions on kidney

Effect of onions on kidney

Effect of onions on kidney : Having a healthy kidney is very essential since the kidneys perform important functions such as removing waste products from the body, and getting rid of excess potassium in the blood, excess protein, and excess sodium from the blood. It’s very important to take good care of your kidneys since damage to the kidneys can be very complicated.

Most people consume onion without knowing the benefits it adds to their overall health. This vegetable is one of the commonest vegetables you can find in every kitchen. They add amazing flavor to many diets, especially when used to steam meat, fish, and other protein – rich foods.
Onions contain essential nutrients which are vital for your overall health. Adding enough onions to your diet will not only add flavor to your diet but will also add essential benefits to your overall health.

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Knowing the effect of onions on the kidney will improve your love for this amazing vegetable.
Onions are very good food source for your kidney health, especially for those with kidney disease. Onions are rich in protein, manganese, vitamins, and antioxidants, which makes them a good source of food for kidney health./ Effect of onions on kidney

Effect of onions on kidney

1.High blood pressure. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to kidney damage. Onions help to control high blood pressure to prevent it from causing damage to the kidneys.

2. High blood cholesterol levels. High blood cholesterol levels can form plaques in the arteries that supply blood to the kidneys. The kidneys will not get enough nutrients and oxygen to function well when they are deprived of oxygen and nutrients. The kidney cells can die gradually, leading to kidney damage. Onions contain amino acids and methyl sulfide help to curb high blood cholesterol levels./ Effect of onions on kidney

3. Diabetes. Consistent and uncontrolled high blood sugar levels can damage your kidneys. Onions can stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of causing damage to your kidneys.

4. Onions are good for people with poor kidney function and high creatinine levels. The creatinine test is one of the tests which normally required to determine how your kidneys are functioning. The kidneys are responsible for eliminating creatinine from the body. When there is an accumulation of creatinine in your body, it means your kidneys are not functioning well. Creatinine is produced when the muscles break down energy – producing molecules. Creatinine is the waste product that is produced after this process. Onions contain antioxidants and prostaglandins which help to clear this chemical from the blood.

5. Urinary tract Infections. Urinary tract Infection is an Infection of any part of the urinary tract. An infection in any part of the urinary tract can easily spread to the kidneys and cause damage to them. Onions can help to control urinary tract Infections./ Effect of onions on kidney

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