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Foods That Can Cause Body Odour

Foods That Can Cause Body Odour

Foods That Can Cause Body Odour : Everyone has a natural body odour and everyone is always concerned about how he or she smells. People spends a lot of money on body deodorants, body splash and others just to get rid of a body odour without them knowing that the food they eat can also be the cause or can also attribute their body odour.

Sweat itself do not cause body odour, it’s just a combination of water and electrolytes. Body odour rather occurs as a result of chemical reactions.
Body odour occurs when normal skin bacterial interacts with secretions in the area.

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When the body breaks down the food we eat, certain by-products are secreted and this reacts with the skin bacteria on our skin and a particular body odour is being stimulated. / Foods That Can Cause Body Odour

Some foods that contributes to our body odor are

1. Garlic

2. Onions

3. Red meat

4. Alcohol

5. Cabbage.

6. Seafood

7. Broccoli

All these foods are healthy foods so know when to eat them.

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